~*Angela's Confessions*~

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Has your mom ever called you a complet failure? Mine has. About an hour ago...said I had no motivation, said I'm lazy, says I sit on my ass all day, Tells me to get a job. OK so I've applied everywhere...I call the places I put in application and no one calls back. OK so then were leaving for Vegas on Monday and shes like well you should get a job to have some money and I'm like WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO HIRE ME FOR 5 FUCKING DAYS?!?! God what the hell sometimes I just get pissed off...oooh like today I was going to excersize cause I'm a fat fucking piece of lard and my mom got me all depressed so I came home and did nothing. She's all like I'm fat I'm like MOther I would kill to have your body damnit just shut the hell up and move on your 45 years old you've had 3 kids you may not be as skinny as you used to be but get over it. She complains about her fat butt and the roll she has...yeah I'd rather have one roll that fucking 3 of them! Damnit I'm very pissed off right now and I'm starting to cry. Maybe I"ll just go walk into oncoming traffic with my eyes closed.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

hey guys! I am pretty sure no body reads this but whatever I'll talk to myself kind of like a real journal, but see if I did that knowing my luck someone would come in and read my deepest darkest secrets and fantasys....anyways Um Sarah came over this yesterday and we watched the hills have eyes....it was creepy! and we didnt finish watching it cause it was to sick for our little stomachs to handle. Then we watched 40 year old virgin, hillarious, then we watched sixteen candles, total classic! Then we watched some guys rap about cootie shots and went upstairs where we continued to talk for another half an hour and not falling asleep until 2:30 this morning. Anyways she is leaving today at about 2 and then when my mother gets home I am going to see if Jay can come over so we can hang out and chill. Ok so I had the craziest dream last night that I was making out with a girl and I was playing a card game and the cards were talking to me and hitting on eachother and then Sara Kandi and I were trying to figure out a code to something...I don tknow lol then I woke up it was totally scary. Well I'm gonna go eat brekfast or lunch...whatever I'll talk to you guys later

Thursday, June 08, 2006

hello friends! this is pretty freakin cool. As of right now I'm just watching my little brother play sponge bob w00 h00! so anyways um yeah not having the best of days so before the computer like tries to attack me (cause knowing my luck that would happen) I'm gonna go
Ang B